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About Live Seed
Live Seed Pentecostal Church exists to make known the Biblical truth of the Father-heart of God through preaching, teaching, and demonstrating the power of God in order that lives are transformed. Having a heart for the nations, people of all ages and nationalities are welcome and are already represented in our services.
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Mission Statement
What do we do
Who we are
Patrick and Josie founded Live Seed Pentecostal Church on 16 January 2005. They have had experience in pastoring churches and teaching the Bible for many years. They are English and have lived in Malta since 2003.
Joseph and Helen are Maltese and have many years’ experience in pastoring evangelical churches. They have a heart to see more Maltese evangelical leaders in Malta.
We believe that we are saved through faith by the grace of God, that believers should be baptized in water by full immersion, and that the Holy Spirit with spiritual gifts is available to all believers. We believe in systematic teaching and encourage all believers to be active students of God’s Word. We then guide believers to apply the Bible to their everyday needs.
The ministry was founded upon prayer and the Word of God and continues on that foundation. This means we seek God for His strategy; and that all we do, preach and experience, whether from the leaders or visiting speakers is examined in the light of Scripture. As leadership is developed we will seek to introduce other ministries to meet the needs of the congregation and the community.
Together, the leaders of the church bring many years experience in preaching, teaching, and Christian counselling.